Look Forward to Your Next Repaint

Cotton Coat is quicker, easier, and safer than traditional interior paint.

Less Work

• One coat coverage

• No prep work

• No sanding or scraping, plasters or caulk

• No taping or drop sheets

No Mess

• No drips or spills

• Easy cleanup

• Doesn't smear or stain

• Apply in normal clothes


• Sustainable

• Made from recycled cotton

• 100% organic

• Non-toxic and chemical-free

Repainting your home shouldn't look like this, but...

After all the

prep work...

  • Buying paint, brushes, rollers, trays, drop sheets, painter's tape, and plastic sheeting
  • Covering furniture
  • Putting down drop sheets
  • Sanding & repairing walls
  • Caulking / plastering
  • Removing light fixtures
  • Picking out paint clothes
  • ...and Taping

And painting frustrations...

  • Priming the walls first
  • Getting paint everywhere (even in your dog's fur)
  • Waiting days for multiple coats to dry
  • Breathing in all the chemicals
  • ...all while those rooms in your house are unusable.

...you're ready to quit.

Cotton Coat lets you repaint in one coat, without a hassle, mess or interruption to your busy life.

We use recycled cotton to provide homeowners with an easier, quicker, safer, and more environmentally-friendly way to paint their home.

Easy Steps to Cotton Coat

1. Mix Cotton Coat and water in bucket (included)

2. Apply Cotton Coat with the spreading trowel (also included)

...and that's it!

Your Cotton Coat will dry in 24 hours.

Best of all, your walls, floor and furniture require zero prep-work, which also means zero clean-up.

How It Works

1. Order Online

Choose from 100+ different colors, order samples, or create a custom color.

2. Home Delivery

We send you everything you need: the cotton, a mixing bucket, and a spreading trowel.

3. Mix & Apply

Just add water! Cotton Coat spreads on the wall like cream cheese on a bagel.

What are the Benefits of a Cotton Coat?

Quieter Home

Sound Absorbing & Echo-Proof

Breathe Better

Odor Free & Hypoallergenic

Safe for Kids

Completely Non-Toxic

Saves on Energy Bills

Insulates Better Than Chemical Paint

Protects Wall

Crack Resistant & Harder than Drywall

Easy to Clean

Re-Wet to Repair or Remove Blemishes


Biodegradable & Made of Recycled Cotton

Makes Homes Beautiful

100+ Colors & Textured Finish

You don't want this again...

Make your next repaint easy with Cotton Coat

  • One Coat Coverage
  • No Mess
  • No Hassle
  • Non-Toxic
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Beautiful Finish